Rental Operators

How would you like to become a Kymera Rental Operator?

Act fast as we are only adding a limited number of operators in the United States for 2019. At this time we are no longer adding rental operators for 2018.

We are looking for entrepreneurs as well as existing rental businesses in the United States (i.e., jetski, paddleboard, kayak, or water sports) to launch in 2019.

The details of our rental program are:

  • Discount off the retail price
  • Training on site to learn how to maintain and service the boards
  • On site repair program monthly during your season
  • Ability to sell Kymera to your customers and earn a commission
  • Have the opportunity to add our entire product line to your rental business (Body Board, Kayak, Personal Watercraft, and Surfboard)
  • Must sign the agreement and pay a small fee to hold your location and then place your order for boards by December 31, 2018 to receive your inventory by April 1, 2019

If interested please email sales@kymera.com with your City and State you're interested in renting Kymera in and someone will contact with you within 2 business days


Electric Jet Body Board