Why is a Kymera Body Board better than a PWC?

The Kymera Body Board offers a unique watersports experience completely different to anything you can have with a large vessel.

Riding a Kymera Body Board is a truly immersive experience! You’re flying across the water at up to 20mph (32kmh) with your face just inches from the water surface! You’re using your body weight, feet and hands to steer, feeling the spray of the water on your face. The bright colour of your Kymera is attracting attention and envious stares from water lovers on sea and on land. You look forward to getting back to shore after your ride to share your stories with the people you know will come over to ask you all about it!

The fact that your Kymera Body Board is electric means thay you’ll be keeping the noise down, with zero emissions and no mess, which also means that you’ll be welcome in more places. The Kymera’s small size and weight make storage and transport a breeze. A simple washdown procedure at the end of the session will keep your board in good condition, combined with fast and easy periodic maintenance. You’ll enjoy low running costs thanks to inexpensive recharge costs for the battery. And launching and retrieving has never been so easy – no boat ramp queues or spectators/judges or ramp rage!

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