Making a Splash On TV: Watch Out for Whammies

BEST Electric Bodyboard - Kymera Bodyboard - As Seen on SharkTank

For years, Kymera’s claim to fame has been making not one, but two appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank. But did you know: the Kymera Body Board has also been featured on educational shows like Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation as well as entertainment series like Boys Toys? True to our mission – to help make watersports more accessible – we’ve even had some fun offering Kymera Body Boards as luxury prizes in game shows.

Kymera Body Board on Press Your Luck

Press Your Luck, a game show that started in the 80s, is one that has made a comeback on television in recent years. Contestants compete by taking turns “spinning” the game board and answering trivia questions. The goal is to get as many free spins as possible while trying to avoid Whammies at all costs. These are fun but frustrating cartoon drawing devils that can wipe out entire earnings. But if contestants are successful, they have the opportunity to earn cash prizes or a variety of other winnings like vacations, pool tables, or sailboats. In season 3 (episode 2), our jet-powered Kymera Body Board was one of the prizes featured. And a contestant almost won until she got hit with a whammy.

It hasn’t been all losses for contestants competing to win though. A few years earlier, someone did in fact win our jet-powered board on the CBS game show, Let’s Make a Deal. Getting the Kymera experience was part of a larger luxury vacation getaway package.

How to Experience the Kymera Body Board

The good news is that the Kymera Body Board isn’t hard to come by. Thanks to our global distributors, anyone can enjoy riding the board at top speeds on the water all over the world – on lakes, at resorts, and rental locations. And who knows, more opportunities to WIN a board may be on the horizon. Stay tuned!