Kymera is Crowdfunding, Now You Can Have a Stake in the Company

BEST Electric Bodyboard - Kymera Bodyboard - As Seen on SharkTank

Good news! We have officially launched a crowdfunding page on Wefunder!

Wefunder provides an easy way for invest in the early-stage startups that you’re passionate about. We decided to raise funds on this platform to accelerate our growth and share the upside of our success with the people who know us best — our family, friends, and loyal customers. You are our foundation, so now we’re inviting you to become an actual stakeholder in the company. Check out our pitch here.

Why invest in Kymera?
We are on a mission to disrupt the $3.6BN personal watercraft market with a more portable, more affordable, and lighter product than traditional personal watercrafts and jet skis. Here are a few reasons why Kymera stands out:

  • We have been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank — twice!
  • We are a PopSci Invention award winner.
  • We have a growing network of distributors, retailers, and rental operators spanning across 31 countries.
  • The Kymera Body Board isn’t just the world’s first electric-powered body board; it’s also an incredibly useful tool for emergency rescue. We are working with fire and rescue, life guards, and special forces to help keep people safe.
  • We have even used Kymera’s unique propulsion system to build a robot that competed on Battlebots.

Now is a great time to invest because Kymera is positioned to dominate the outdoor products and personal watersports industries. We’re primed and ready, and we want you to join us.

Visit this page to reserve your spot and claim a stake in the company. When you invest, you’ll also receive special rewards and discounts that you can use toward purchasing the Kymera Body Board.