Kymera Competes in the 5th Season of BattleBots

BEST Electric Bodyboard - Kymera Bodyboard - As Seen on SharkTank

You probably know Kymera best for our electric body boards and our appearance on Shark Tank[MS1] , but that’s not all we do! We are engineers by trade, constantly tinkering with science and technology to see how we can make recreational activities more accessible and enjoyable. When we got the chance to appear on Battlebots®, we couldn’t say “no”!

BattleBots is a show that popularized robot fighting, bringing it from the underground to television sets across the U.S. In this epic robot-fighting series, competitors design and operate remote-controlled machines to duke it out for a winning title and a chance at prize money. Our founder, Jason Woods, actually competed on the show eleven years ago with his robot, Slingshot, who still resides in Woods’ garage but is retired.

In BattleBots’ latest season on the Discovery channel, Kymera has one primary robot and two minibots that face off in combat. Our primary machine is Tracer, a heavyweight robot (weighing in at around 225 lbs) that has a sleek four-wheel design with an asymmetrical vertical disc spinner.  Our mini bots (about 25 lbs each) include Needle – a forklift that can lift 500lbs+ off the ground – and Clean Cut – a Neato vacuum cleaner robot that uses Kymera’s brushless drive tech and a powerful circular saw to crush the competition. These minibots are really meant to serve as a distraction during the fights. Even though they will most likely be destroyed, they are designed to help give our main robot extra time to recoup or draw the competitor into a bad position while in facing off.

You can catch the robot combat, up close and person, every Thursday at 8pm EST on Discovery, or stream the show on Discovery+. Keep an eye out for Tracer, Needle and Clean Cut!