How Jason Woods Turned Kymera Into a Profitable Watercraft Business

BEST Electric Bodyboard - Kymera Bodyboard - As Seen on SharkTank

You may have seen Kymera’s electric body board on Shark Tank – not once, but twice. Our company’s story began way before those episodes aired though. 

How Kymera Came to Be

Jason Woods created Kymera in 2011 on the California coast. At the time, Woods noticed that watercrafts came with a handful of obstacles that prevented people from making the most out of their rides:

  • fuel was very expensive (upwards of $200 for a single day on the lake)
  • typical watercrafts were too large and heavy to carry
  • towing, launching, and storage required additional equipment and large vehicles

Woods wanted to develop a solution that would give everyone the ability to have fun on the water without all the hassles and expenses associated with conventional watercrafts. The Kymera Body Board is the world’s first and only electric-powered body board. It is affordable, light enough to carry, and easy to transport.

Kymera’s Journey from Concept to Thriving Business
After creating several prototypes and attempting to fundraise money through a Kickstarter campaign, Woods introduced Kymera on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013 (season 5). Even though Woods didn’t get a deal, the sharks’ advice helped him change his approach to bringing Kymera to market. He put more focus into the engineering and functionality of the product, and joined forces with now COO, Adam Majewski, to manage day-to-day operations and sales with distribution partners all over the world. Six years later, Woods returned to the tank with Majewski and their fully developed product that was ready to ship instead of the “garage prototype” that the Sharks first saw. Kymera’s second chance in the tank proved to be their redemption after they scored a deal with Robert Herjavec. It also served as a steppingstone toward the company’s next chapter as a multi-million-dollar company.

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