This Innovative Electric Body Board is Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

BEST Electric Bodyboard - Kymera Bodyboard - As Seen on SharkTank

Did you know: 71% of the world is covered by water.

Water isn’t just a utilitarian substance; it is also a sensual force that has profound mental, physical, and emotional effects. This human-water connection is sometimes referred to as “Blue Mind”.

“[Blue Mind] is characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment. It is inspired by water and elements associated with water, from the color blue to the words we use to describe the sensations associated with immersion. It takes advantage of neurological connections formed over millennia, many such brain patterns and preferences being discovered only now, thanks to innovative scientists and cutting-edge technology,” says marine biologist and author of the 2014 book Blue Mind, Wallace Nichols.

It’s only relatively recently that technology has enabled us to delve into the science behind Blue Mind and into the depths of the ocean.  With that said, there often limitations associated with getting out on the water. For example, most watercrafts are pretty pricey (typically ranging from $5,000 – $20,000). Fuel consumption and costs may vary depending on if you’re consistently going full throttle, but you can expect to spend $300-600+ annually for jet-skis or as much as $300 per outing if you invest in a boat. And that’s not all! You’ll also need to have some kind of truck or SUV in order to tow your watercraft to and from the water. The hidden expenses of conventional watersports add up quickly.

That’s where the Kymera Body Board comes in. Named for its unique disposition — part jetski, part boogie board – this personal watercraft is akin to chimeras in biology, which are organisms that have two sets of DNA. It is lightweight, easy to transport and carry to the water, and is cost effective compared to other watercrafts. The Kymera Body Board is also more fuel efficient, which makes it a better, more innovative, and more sustainable option for fun out on the water.

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca – a Saturday morning show on CBS which highlights innovative technology and ideas – recently shared how the Kymera Body Board is transforming the way people enjoy water sports. In the episode, our founder, Jason Woods, explains the how a simple idea turned into various prototypes that eventually evolved into a fully functioning body board with an electric rechargeable battery for propulsion.

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